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You hate NFTs? so cute


We make fun of NFTs. And the people who buy NFTs are considered merely to be memes by the majority of us at this point. however, looking at NFTs from the business perspective does make lot of sense. NFTs are profitable, that is why many companies who have sold only physical goods from the dawn of their time are now doing heavy investment in selling virtual goods. Some of the luxury brands who are expanding their business to metaverse include Balenciaga, Gucci and Nike (Is Nike luxury? yes come visit the third world)

Virtual commodities are profitable

In conclusion, Price of virtual commodities is high, cost is low and profit is insane. Virtual commodity is sugar, business is ant, and the profit is sweetness.

You don't like virtual commodities/NFTs? so cute.

Right now we(majority) make fun of buying virtual commodities/NFTs but you know what....businesses don't care about us.(majority) They don't care about your dislike of NFTs. They care about the people who buy them. See this if there are 1000 men on internet. (there are no real girls on internet only Russian bots) Out of these 1000 men, 950 hate buying virtual goods and only 50 men like to buy them. The thing to take in consideration here is that these 50 men (minority) are the molders of the internet not the 950 men (majority).

As we know in market we vote by our money. In the example above we see that minority votes for the future of internet. Majority which hates to buy virtual goods does not vote. They don't have the voter id card. They don't participate in decision making.

Considering the amount of profit in selling virtual goods. Companies will shape the internet in such a way to facilitate the market for virtual goods/ NFTs. Internet is no more just a market place, its an whole economy.

Are domain names virtual goods? Oh my....I became the same thing i swore to destroy.