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My favourite Indian authors


I am an Indian. Kinda nationalist. But not that type of nationalist which you might be thinking right now. I am nationalist for the nation, for which Bhagat Singh gave his life at a tinder age of 23. I am not only a nationalist, I should stop bragging about that right here. I don't actually like or want to brag about my nationalism but it is the nature of current events which is making me to say it loud. Wait a bit I will explain everything. First you must know that I read books, hence I am a reader. For some reason which I of course can't share share online. I feel a sense of compulsion for sharing two of my favorite Indian authors. Well to be honest, I am being alleged by my friends that I don't support Indian authors. That I only read foreigners. When I first heard these barbaric acquisitions against me, I myself felt bad and guilty of committing some unethical act. But that is far from truth. I have read Indian writers whether it be Bhagat Singh, Gandhi, Munshi Premchand or Tagore.

Interestingly enough this is not the first time anyone questioned my integrity as a nationalist reader. I remember exactly, few summers back while traveling, I found one of those library which exist at some of the most unexpected place. This library was in one of the remote part of my country. Even though the surrounding was all dusty the library was surprisingly quite clean from inside. I went inside and found no one but few racks filled with used books. That time I was really much into 19th century political economy. So a naive me started looking for any of those books. That was the time when I used to read in a narrow genre. I didn't find any of political economy book. However I was the only one in the library but few moments later I was greeted by a mid age lady. She must be the owner of that place. I asked her about the books I was looking for. She said I can't find those books here but can try my luck with Indian writers. Before that I had never distinguished between writers based upon there country of origin. She asked me any particular name or work of Indian writer in 19th century political economy so that I can try my luck finding that. As an answer from my side there was a silence. As an answer to my silence there was a look of disgust on her face. I could read her disgust, I still remember every single word of her disgust: "What kind of Indian are you! You can't even give a single name of Indian author of your favorite 19th century political economy genre. Shame on you anti-national reader." But she didn't say that loud, instead she replied in a soft voice, "You should try reading more of you own country men." Her soft words and strong emotions were powerful enough for me to purchase two second hand books by Indian authors from her store.

Time has passed since then, I have read more both desi (Indian) and videsi (foreign author). Now is the time when I must put an end to all the propaganda spread against me by these two people who call me an anti-national reader. As said previously I have read people like Bhagat Singh, Gandhi, Munshi Premchand and Tagore. Now I must go one step further and give names of two of my favorite Indian writers.

One is a guy born in a north Indian state of Himachal Pradesh, pahadi guy called Ruskin Bond. Having being traveled multiple times to Mussoorie myself I find his 'Roads to Mussoorie' to be a fine wine. It hits the soul.

Other is a guy born in a western Indian state of Bengal, this Bengali guy is George Orwell. The author of books like 1984, Animal Farm and so on. His skill of writing facts of real life into a fictional world is unmatchable.