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I'm about to Become a Millionaire


Ladies and gentleman its great pleasure to inform you that I'm about to become a millionaire. Contrary to popular belief one doesn't necessarily need to work hard in order to become a millionaire. Instead one should be just adequately aware about the opportunities which are given in life. In my case I found the opportunity in my spam box. At first I thought its just another spam email but when I read it I realized that if I help a woman just by letting her use my bank account for temporary basis. I'll become a millionaire once the deal is done. You will understand the scheme once you read the email:



Am Mrs Bohdana Aleksander the wife of Mr.Danilo Aleksander (Ukraine sunflower oil & wheat,maize farmer ) my husband was murdered by the Russian Army troop because of the war between Russian& Ukraine it was so very terrible. .

He was a sunflower oil & wheat and maize farmer who have invested much in agriculture political opponents.

I acknowledge very well that my Husband deposited the sum of US$10.7M (TEN MILLION SEVEN HUNDRED THOUSAND UNITED STATES DOLLARS) with a security and financial company here in Johannesburg South -Africa with the intention of using it for the purchase of new farm machinaries and chemical for Agricultural purpose as well as purchasing hectares of land in South Africa for his investment. I got your contact through chamber of commerce .With the high risk of staying in my country we are now on political asylum. (Refugee) me and my son we are here in South Africa, my position does not allow me to open an account or to normalize this fund to any meaningful business transaction, I want you to understand that this is purely family fund not money laundering affair.

I solicit for your honest assistance as I want this fund to be transferred to your account in oversea with your partnership, I will want to invest this fund in your country.

We can invest the fund as a family investment together with you in your country be assured that all the necessary document backing this fund has been arranged with one of the Attorney I meet here in Johannesburg South Africa, feel free to ask any question regarding this transaction.

Hoping to hear from you soonest, kindly contact me through this my private email For Confidential: bohdana.aleksander @

I need your urgent and confidential response towards this transaction.

Thanks you and regards


First of all I would like to say, what happened with Mrs Bohdana Aleksander is definitely disheartening. I'm glad that I can be helpful for her in this terrifying situation. In my last post I said that I scream in void on my website but it turns out that even people from 'chamber of commerce' read my blogs(Thanks Mrs Bohdana for making me aware of this fact). Big people read my blog and they entrust me to do big things for them. However, Mrs Bohdana forgot to mention the name of the country whose 'chamber of commerce' reads my blog. well its somewhat understandable as she is going through so much hardship. Probably this is the same reason why she made some mistakes while writing English.

Now coming back to the question of this opportunity. Should I take this or not. Should I act mean and not even reply or should I actually help a lone women and get rich as a result of it. Should I hide like a coward when opportunity calls or should I be the change I want to see in the world. I remember, a similar situation was once faced by Michael Scott. His quote might help me to take rightful decision:

"When the son of the deposed King of Nigeria e-mails you directly asking for help, you help. His father ran the freaking country, okay?"

I think missing this opportunity can be a life long regret. If I don't help her someone else is gonna help her. I can only imagine what crazy things I can do with that crazy money. Maybe I'll pay for Winrar or interfere with elections in some African democracy.

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