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RIP Unabomber


The American constitution and its consequences have been a disaster for our Unabomber. It is only with great displeasure to inform you that Unabomber (Ted kaczynski) died yesterday in prison cell. Chances are that you might have already heard this disheartening news. For those unfortunate folks who are unfamiliar with his name, I must provide a small introduction of Unabomber.

Ted Kaczynski or Unabomber was a studious student who got selected in Harward for bachelors in mathematics when he was 16. Later he went to pursue Ph.D. in mathematics. Smart guy right? right. Seems like with this background he is all set for academia right? no. Well, it turns out that instead of going to some prestige university to do research. He got fed up from the modern society, went into woods, made a 10X12 ft cabin, started sending bombs disguised as mail to different people predominantly in the field of acedimia. Later he wrote a famous manifesto (Industrial Society and Its Future). This manifesto alone helped him win great number of sympathisers all around the world (of course anyone who justify the killings is a psychopath).

The Unabomber's cabin

Unabomber got fed up from society and with the intent of leaving the industrial society and its consequences, Unabomber made a wooden cabin in remote Montana, USA. It lacked all industrial society's consequences: No electricity, no computer nothing! But yes that cabin was filled with printed books. And of course there was a typewriter too to write the manifesto.

However, the cabin looks somewhat cozy despite the lack of modern amenities, isn't it?

The Bombings

Ted was infamous for bombing people. That's why the name Unabomber (University and Airline Bomber) was given by FBI to him. That is also the reason why he spent his remaining life in prison.

The Manifesto

In 1995 The Washington Post and The New York Times published Unabomber's manifesto Industrial Society and Its Future by the request on Unabomber himself. The publication was a condition set by unabomber to cease his bombing campaign. This manifesto later became such a success that it became highly popular among different people. In its manifesto unabomber proposed that how the industrial society has caused suffering and alienation in society. Ted doesn't stop there and he later in the manifesto claims that even agriculture revolution was a mistake. Moreover, he criticized left also for its childish ideas(unironically). I read this manifesto when I was 19, And boy it really sold me this idea and I became a Primitivist for few days. #teenage.

RIP Unabomber

The news of Ted's death was shocking but it was inevitable. When he was free he focused his efforts in spent his efforts in pursuit of freedom. He left society for nature. He left the prestige of academic career for a simple life in woods. Well not so simple if you see the complexities of the bombs. But still for simple life. He was a big proponent of freedom. In his remote cabin he enjoyed the freedom. The fact that he had to spend his last years in prison and not in open moutains is disheartening. For the things he did wrong he got punished and for the things he did right, he will be remembered for years to come. His work is more important than ever in our times, it makes us to see things(consequences) from a different lens. And after all who knows maybe that's the right lens. RIP Unabomber!