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SEBI literally 1984


"Literally 1984!" that's what all our 'best' 'No 1' 'Leading' 'top' investment Adviser/research analyst must be screaming right now.


why shouldn't they!

The way investment advisers (IA)/ research analysts (RA) advertise themselves is not hidden from anyone. What I mean is the usage of words: the promises, fake claims are common in advertisements to influence investors/consumers. After all its not a new phenomenon. Nevertheless "Dair aaye drust aaye" (Better late than never) SEBI recently issue its circular where it issued an advisory for the words used by these IA/IR in their advertisements. To quote the circular:

"Superlative terms such as “Best”, “No. 1”, Top Adviser/Research Analyst,“Leading”, “One of the best amongst market leaders”, etc. so as to provide any endorsement of quality or standing of the IA/RA. However, factual details of awards received by the IA/RA from independent organizations may be included."

Now listen to the IA/IR:

"Bro its an attack on free speech! Language is the first thing every totalitarian state targets! Prohibiting us from speaking is such a neofascism. Attack on Private enterprise is a promotion for communism! Literally 1984!"