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Review of my Warrior Boots


I have been a morning person for most of my life. I have no one to credit but my father for that. He has has always been my alarm. In my perspective every morning is a race between the sun and my father to see who wakes up early. Through my experience I have found that the sun loses hundred percent of the times. The reason why I am sharing this detail is because it's quite late in the night or well I should say it's quite early in the morning while I am writing this article. Being awake this late is somewhat unusual from my regular routine. Speaking of unusual, being awake till now is not the only unusual activity I am partaking in. Today I have decided to write a product review. Quite unusual for a guy who has preached Luke Smith in past and has opinions which are to some extent anti-consooooomerism. But that's the interesting thing, the product I want to review is in itself anti-consooooomerism. It is a product which prevents you from consooooming too much...crap.

I am not talking about some app or some machine which can reduce your spending habits. Contrary to that I just want review my boots. To be specific, my Liberty Warrior Boots. For me they are the perfect blend of quality, aesthetics, versatility, elegance and comfort. Yup those are all the words I could find to describe my warrior boots. The name. Yeah I must clarify the name to tackle some potential confusion. These boots, despite having warrior as their name, won't make you one. But these boots are definitely made by keeping warriors in the mind. Well these shoes are the industry standard for warriors, at least in India. Why am I saying that? well, Indian military buy these shoes for their warriors.

How I met your mother

It won't be ideal just to tell the specifics of the shoes without telling my story with it. After all it's my blog so the story must also exist. Ahh...well, back then, in the old normal days, the days preceding the new normal. Ah! the audacity of people to call it 'normal' when I only see abnormal these days! Anyways, in early to mid 2019 I was getting really pissed of by the need of purchasing new shoes every few months or every year. No matter how much care I took while handling my shoes they would almost always get worn out in few months. I must admit that my shoes were not of the brands in the likes of Adidas or Jordan or some other expensive brand. I am from India we have $7,130 per capita income (In comparison USA has $70,480). Per capita income might give some distorted view of reality. Let's see another example: our government recently extended its scheme to provide grains for almost free to 800m people of our country. More than half of the population of our country comes under this scheme. That was just to show you the current condition of our economy when it comes to individual level. Now lets come back to my shoes. Even though I sometime might get my hands on Adidas or Nike, they were just exceptions rather than the rule. Mostly I had to settle with some cheaper brands. But hey no matter how light my pockets were but I never bought Abidas or Nice (duplicates). I would rather accept the reality of cheaper brands than going for duplicates of bigger brands just for the sake of name.

Coming back to the shoes. Whatever shoes I used to buy, more often than not they would get worn out in months. And I had to order a new one again. And again. And again. Because of this never ending unnecessary process, I decided to do some research on the available options. And I'm glad I came across the idea of boots. Yeah, what footwear can be more durable than boots? And what brand came to my mind when I heard boots? Woodland! Saw the prices. Reverse turn!

But just when I was losing my hopes on boots. I came across Liberty warrior boots. Liberty: Indian brand, Price which I can afford, quality which is even trusted by the Indian army. These shoes are exactly what I wanted. They even match my use case. Looks good on cargo pants. Match made in heaven with Denim jeans.

Durability and aesthetics

When Alexander wanted to go on his expedition into Asia, just after when he became king at a tinder age of 19, even some of his closest allies tried to stop him. Similar thing happened with me when I tried to start my journey with boots. Similar to what Alexander did, I didn't listen to anyone. Ordered my boots in mid 2020. Almost fall in love with these boots. Mostly, I used to wear these shoes almost every single day. But as life changed, also the number of times I used to wear them also reduced. But that did not change these boots to be my go to footwear. These boots were always with me, in my every expedition whether it was on mountains, plains, desert. However, the only exception was the beach. One thing can easily be deduced is that these shoes are for me what Bucephalus was for Alexander the great.

Just few days ago I realised that it has been more than 3 years with these shoes and these bad boys still look young as new ones. Sometimes I think that I am done for this decade at least. I don't need new boots till 2030. Maybe I will buy new warrior boots in 2026 or something and give these some rest. "Rest? come on dude these are just boots!" yes! I understand but that's the law: If a warrior doesn't die, he must retire after a certain age. You know they must relax too.

Finally, I am really grateful for these boots. I saved a considerable amount of money because of these, which otherwise would have been spent on recurring purchase of other shoes. One more thing to note is that, if you decide to buy these boots, I can only vouch of the Liberty ones. And even in Liberty, the ones with ISI mark. I understand that there are other brands who might be selling similar boots for little bit less price. But they might pose a big question on the quality. So that was it from my side regarding these boots. I would continue my expeditions with my Bucephalus, I mean with my warrior boots.